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Bacon Cheese
In Stock 9979
A smooth, creamy, yellow processed cheese with pieces of smoky bacon throughout. Mild; similar to American Cheese! Weight: 1lb 
Horseradish Cheese
In Stock 9994
Processed, horseradish cheese.
Pantaleo Green Jack
In Stock 9939
Mild and creamy Monterey Jack with roasted pueblo green chilies and roasted garlic throughout. (Comparable to Pepper Jack spiciness.) Weight: 1lb
8 oz. Chocolate Cheese Fudge
In Stock 9944
Creamy, smooth Wisconsin Havarti Cheese with cocoa, cream, and sugar. Tastes just like fudge, but, dare we say, even better!  Weight: 8oz 
3 oz.--Udderfingers
In Stock 45
Butter toffee smothered in milk chocolate and almonds.  Great for any candy lover.
3 oz.--Moo Chews
In Stock 50
Chocolate covered caramel candy.
Garlic Cheese
In Stock 9965
A smooth, creamy, white processed cheese with garlic added. Mild base; similar to American Cheese! Weight: 1lb 
2.5 oz.--Cow Pie
In Stock 89
Rich chocolate candy with creamy caramel and fresh pecans. Made in Baraboo, Wisconsin.
In Stock 1000
Kemen brand fresh liversausage is made with pork and pork livers. Spreadable texture. Available in Plain Liversausage and in Smoked (Braunschweiger) Liver sausage.  Shipped frozen. Approx. 1.3 lbs.
12 oz. Smoked Dried Beef
In Stock 96
12 oz. Smoked Dried Beef Nueske's smoked dried beef. A great beef product with an excellent smoked taste.

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