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Co-Jack Cheese and Pepperoni
In Stock 6035
Colby Jack Cheese with pepperoni - a great combination.
Buffalo Monterey Jack
In Stock 6100
Buffalo Monterey Jack
Monterey Jack
In Stock 9992
Smooth, semisoft to hard texture.  Creamy white, mild to mellow flavor. For some extra kick try the buffalo wing flavor!
Habanero Jack
In Stock 6100
Monterey Jack cheese with habenero peppers added. HOT Ghost Habanero is Monterey Jack Cheese with Ghost Chili and Habanero Peppers added.
XXX Habanero Jack
In Stock 965
1 lb. XXX Habanero Jack has three times the heat as our Habanero Jack.  
Pepper Jack
In Stock 6269
Monterey Jack cheese with jalapeno peppers added.
Morel Mushroom and Leek Jack
In Stock 6479
Monterey Jack cheese with morel mushrooms and leeks added. This is one of our Top Ten Customer Favorites!!
Vegetable Jack
In Stock 6689
Monterey Jack cheese with garden vegetables added.
Apple Jack Cheese
In Stock 10000
A mixture of Monterey Jack, Swiss, and Cheddar cheeses. This is a mild, semi-soft cheese.
In Stock 10000
Made with whole milk. Rich, buttery, slightly sweet flavor. Smooth, creamy texture.
20 oz. Football Sausage
In Stock 28
All beef summer sausage in the shape of a football: as seen at the Hall of Fame Players Classic. Order one today and eat like a Hall of Famer!  
1lb. Buffalo Sausage
In Stock 985
Made locally here in Wisconsin! This great tasting sausage is a sure winner.  1 lb. Buffalo Sausage made with buffalo, beef and pork.
1lb. Elk Sausage
In Stock 9994
Made locally here in Wisconsin! This great tasting sausage is a sure winner. Made from real elk, with some pork and beef added for extra flavor.
Turkey Sausage
In Stock 9983
Sausage made with turkey meat.
Beef Stick Pack
In Stock 10000
All beef snacking sticks - choose from 8 pack or 40 pack.
Beef and Cheddar Sticks
In Stock 9918
8oz. Beef & Cheddar Sticks A 8 pack of all beef sticks that has processed cheddar cheese inside. A true hit for all of those beef & cheese lovers.
Beef, Cheddar and Jalapeno Sticks
In Stock 9885
A 8 pack of the all beef stick that has it all. Jalapeno and cheddar make for a wonderful blast for the taste buds. A must try item.
Elk Sticks
In Stock 974
8oz. Elk Sticks Farm raised elk that is used to make these incredible snack sticks. (with pork and beef)

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