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Whatever the ocassion, a gift card or electronic gift certificate from Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet is sure to please!

This category features all of our aged cheeses, from 1 1/2 year aged medium cheddar to 18 year EXTREME aged cheddar cheese, with other aged cheese varieties such as White Sharp Cheddar, Brick (including Cave Cured Brick), Swiss and Aged Gouda cheese.

Blue Cheese

Our award winning Wisconsn blue cheese! So many flavors that we create right here on site! Try our steakhouse, whiskey blue among others!

Bricks and Havarti

One of our more popular Wisconsin cheeses! The creamy Havarti cheese family along with the Wisconsin brick cheese. Your mild and creamy cheese.


When we all need our sweet tooth fix!


Our award-winning cheddars aged right here on site! From mild cheddar all the way up to 16-year-old cheddar! We have the cheddars aimed to please!

Wisconsin favorites! Whether you like flavored, smoked, or original - our Wisconsin cheese curds are some of our most popular products, with 12 different flavors!

Wisconsin favorites! Whether you like flavored, smoked, or original - 9 flavors of string cheese are among our most popular products.

Cheese Spreads

A very easy and enjoyable way to spread and enjoy 25 different flavors of great Wisconsin cheese spread! All created and available only through Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet.

Colby, Jacks, & Goudas

Wisconsin favorites! Awar-winning Colby, Monterey Jacks, and Gouda. What can we say, they are all very Gouda!

Gift Baskets and Boxes

A Great Gift for Every Occasion! Some of our Most Popular Cheeses and Meats put Together to Impress Family, Friends, and Businesses!


Wisconsin Honey's, Maple Syrups, Jams & Jellies!  Made right here in the Beautiful state of Wisconsin!


For you heat seekers out there! From a little heat to the “Where is the glass of milk” heat? We have so many for every level of heat!

Italian and Brie Cheeses

Whether it's for your next pasta dish or cheese plate, our Italian and Brie Cheeses have the Wisconsin-made Italian favorites to please all!

Low Fat and Low Salt Cheeses

Great tasting reduced fat and salt cheeses that also feature reduced calories.

Sausage & Salami

Our very own award-winning sausage, hard salami and Landjaeger! People keep coming back for our Ehlenbach’s meat products. They’re a real hit!

Snack Sticks & Beef Jerky

The only way to snack here at Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet! Between our jerky, snack sticks and Landjaeger and our popular wild game flavors, we have a great snack for meat lovers!


Enjoy some of our Ehlenbach's Souvenirs!

Cheddar Cheese Wax

Cheddar Cheese in Wax that are Sure to Please!  Great for Gifts!

NEW Products!

Looking for Something New?  We got you Covered, Be sure to try some of these!

The most popular cheeses that are customer favorites.  

10 Regular Cheese

10 Smoked Cheese

Pasteurized Processed Cheeses

A GREAT American Cheese concept: creamy, shelf stable and yummy in 19 different flavors! How can you go wrong?

Smoked Cheeses

Delicious smoked cheese smoked right here on site! Whether you enjoy pecanwood, cherrywood, applewood, or hickory – we’ve got you covered.


Our swiss cheese is one of the more popular Wisconsin Cheese flavors! An award-winning Wisconsin favorite!

Unique & Specialty Cheeses

When it comes to unique and flavorful cheese, our Unique & Specialty Cheeses have something for everyone. New, Exciting and Fun!

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