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Unique & Specialty Cheeses

When it comes to unique and flavorful cheese, our Unique & Specialty Cheeses have something for everyone. New, Exciting and Fun!

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Horseradish and Chive Cheddar
In Stock 9977
A mild white cheddar with horseradish and chives throughout.  Weight: 1lb
Olive Cheddar
In Stock 9963
1 lb. A mild white cheddar with black and green olives added.
Blueberry Maple Havarti
In Stock 1000
An Ehlenbach's creation from our nephew, Tyler! Creamy and mild Wisconsin Havarti with sweet blueberries and maple throughout.   
Beer Cheddar
In Stock 39
1 lb. Mild cheddar with real Wisconsin beer added.
6 oz. Baked Bread Cheese
In Stock 10000
A baked cheese, Juusto has a buttery flavor, and has a sweet caramelized toasted crust similar to brown bread. Can be served warm or cold. Great as an appetizer
Chicken Soup Cheese
In Stock 10000
Mild white cheese with chicken flavored broth powder, onion, garlic, celery flakes, parsley and tumeric. Tastes just like chicken soup!
Pantaleo Green Jack
In Stock 9922
Mild and creamy Monterey Jack with roasted pueblo green chilies and roasted garlic throughout. (Comparable to Pepper Jack spiciness.) Weight: 1lb
8 oz. Chocolate Cheese Fudge
In Stock 9933
Creamy, smooth Wisconsin Havarti Cheese with cocoa, cream, and sugar. Tastes just like fudge, but, dare we say, even better!  Weight: 8oz 
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